What To Avoid When Choosing A Flashlight

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Whether it’s battery lamps (or batteries). Solar, shake or dynamo lights are just useless gadgets, often of the worst possible quality. Lamps with crenelated heads are expensive and give you no tactical advantage.

What do you have to look for?

The critical points to consider for an EDC lamp are from my point of view, the power and the modes of illumination, the autonomy, the type of batteries used, the resistance to shocks, the sealing and the user interface. The question of the type of bulb does not arise today: the LED is queen.

Read some tactical flashlight reviews to get more info on these.

Regarding the power, I already spoke on the subject. Just remember that 20 to 30 lumens are enough for most tasks, and staying power is just as important as maximum power. Promote low power modes very low (1 to 5 lumens) that will illuminate for a long time without going dead.

Regarding the autonomy, opt for regulated models, whose voltage is kept constant by an electronic circuit. In the absence of regulation, the light intensity gradually decreases as the batteries are discharged which is not ideal. With regulation, the light intensity remains almost constant until it drops rapidly when the batteries are empty.

As for the types of batteries, the subject had also already been discussed across the internet. My preference is for common batteries (mainly AA). AA batteries are easy to find and cost-effective. AAA batteries have the advantage of their compactness at the expense of power and less autonomy. To use if compactness is really important.

The question of the interface is very personal. For my part, I hardly understand to use a lamp that would be devoid of a tactical button on the back. This is the way to activate the lamp that I find the most natural every day, and the most usable in a defense context when the lamp is used as a baton.


What Kinds Of Wood Are Best To Use In Your Home?

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The eternal question at the time of giving life to our home.

We have already decided that we are going to use wood for furniture at home, but … What kind of wood is the best? What should I look for when deciding on one or the other? And when choosing my windows or doors?

Selecting the best wood for furniture is one of the keys when buying products derived from it. When we talk about the best, we talk about the one that suits your needs, style, and is affordable. That is, there is no wood that is superior to all others … and that is very interesting because there is a huge variety.

Another important factor is to know if the wood we are using is sustainable wood. Read on to learn more about what type of wood is best for your furniture.


Good and cheap furniture wood?

When choosing the wood we want for our furniture in our kitchen and in our home, we usually think about those three adjectives. It is not far from reality, but there are some variables that we must take into account. For example, what makes a good wood? And pretty? And how cheap can it become, if it is quality and attractive?

The truth is that there is no definitive answer because everything depends on our taste. The aesthetics when it comes to making the wood for our furniture are one of the basic principles on which we must reflect. What color has space in my home? Will it be in accordance with the rest of the style of my house?

Likewise, it is important to know where the wood comes from to be used in our furniture. Depending on the tree from which the wood is removed, it will have some characteristics or others. We tell you how the woods of four of the most used trees are obtained, such as oak, cherry, chestnut, and pine.

Types of wood for furniture

Oakwood. This is one of the woods for furniture that has better strength. It is usually very durable, so it is a safe bet to get your furniture to stand the test of time

Cherry wood. In contrast to oak resistance, cherry wood is much more fragile. In their care, we must take into account the enemies of the wood, such as termites or humidities, since they will assume a before and after in the furniture of this material.

Chestnut wood. In the same line as oak wood, the one obtained from chestnut is often used because of its high resistance, which makes it a safe bet if what we want is that it will last a long time without big problems.

Pinewood. Pinewood is one of the most popular when it comes to carpentry or joinery. Its quality and price, in line, make it one of the big demands.

What if I do not know which wood is the best for my home? In that case, let yourself be advised by woodworking professionals. An expert in carpentry will give you the guidelines for using wood and wooden furniture in the best way in your home so that you make the most of all the possibilities that this material offers.

How to cut the wood

In order to cut the wood properly, you will need a good table saw. Read some table saw reviews in order to get a better idea which product will be good for you.


Some Must Have Kitchen Accessories

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If you’re serious about your kitchen you’ll want to keep reading as we go over the top kitchen accessories that you can’t live without.

kitchen accessories

Pressure cooker

Or pressure cooker. Allows you to cook steamed foods, but also all simmered preparations, with cooking less time than the traditional casserole


Impossible to cook without a saucepan.
Three large pans, one medium and one small can help to get by. The idea is to have five. Whatever the material they are made, they must be adapted to the type of cooker and hob (gas, electricity or induction).


The casserole with lid allows simmering and slow cooking: it is particularly suitable for dishes in sauce. Prefer a cast-iron casserole and large enough to put a poultry.


Like pans, knives are part of the basic material. It is necessary to have good ones, to sharpen regularly: one or two genuine knives (pointed knife), a cutting knife, a small pointed knife with finely toothed blade, a vegetable peeler or economical.

Wooden Spoon

No kitchen without a wooden spoon! Very useful for working the preparations and not damaging the bottoms of pans or pans.


The large flat spoon full of small holes, the skimmer allows to skim short-broths or to recover food floating in their cooking liquid (poached eggs for example).

Cooking pot

The pot has its utility, for cooking food in a large quantity of liquid (spaghetti for example).

Garbage Disposal

When you are done with your cooking you’ll need to dispose of all the food waste. A high-quality garbage disposal can really help out with this and make your life a lot easier.