Choosing The Right Dog Collar

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There are many dog collar styles to choose from, depending on the size and layout of your dog and your training need. For most dogs, a nylon collar or leather dog is sufficient. This discussion does not include distance learning collars.

For traditional dog collars are available in a variety of styles, colors, and widths. They should ride high on the neck of your pet, do not lose so that it slides down to the top of his shoulder blades. Dog collars must be snug with enough room to put two fingers between your dog’s neck and his collar.

For the safety of your dog, the collar must be loose enough to slide over the animal’s head. Necklaces should not be too tight to limit breathing or cause coughing. Check the size of the collar often puppies growing. Use a meter to measure your pet’s neck, then add two to three inches.

Before you start looking for the perfect collar for your dog, it’s important to think about how to size a dog collar properly? You need to consider its size, weight, build and personality. Depending on these characteristics, it will be necessary to choose a collar that suits him.

If you have a puppy, have him wear a collar as soon as possible so he can get used to it. Do not forget that it will have to be changed as it grows.

Before you go shopping, take a meter and measure the neck of your dog. Place the meter at the widest part of the neck and will not be when you take the measurements. Note the centimeters so you can buy a necklace that fits his neck.

When making your choice, remember that a collar should not hurt, strangle or be too wide. Promote a quality necklace, strong and resistant. It will regularly check the condition of his collar to be sure he is still in good condition and that it does not hurt or irritate him.

Leather Necklace

It is very good because it is strong and resistant. A leather necklace is a bit more expensive, but you can make it wear longer. Be careful not to confuse a leather collar with a faux leather model. They are not bad but will be of lower quality and the price is lower.

Before buying the necklace, check the closures to make sure they are of quality. Favor silver or metal closures that do not rust and not plastic.

Nylon Collar

It is of very good quality and can be bought at a very sweet price. It is practical, strong and light for your dog. The good news? You can easily wash it, it does not cause allergies to your dog and you can opt for nice colors and patterns.

Again, check that the closures are of good quality before you buy it.

If you do not like nylon collars, you can also opt for those in rope or canvas that are quite similar.


Many people opt for a harness, but that’s not the best choice. Indeed, he spares the throats of dogs who constantly shoot on the leash. Only this type of collar encourages dogs to pull on the leash with all their strength using their weight.

If your dog is well educated, he will not need it.

In addition, according to educators, this kind of collar is not at all pleasant to walk for the animal.

Choke Collars

Strangler chains or rope collars are used for dogs that are difficult to control. This is not the type of necklace that was brought to a puppy or a dog that is being educated.

It is used as a last resort and only if an educator advises you.