Some Must Have Kitchen Accessories

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If you’re serious about your kitchen you’ll want to keep reading as we go over the top kitchen accessories that you can’t live without.

kitchen accessories

Pressure cooker

Or pressure cooker. Allows you to cook steamed foods, but also all simmered preparations, with cooking less time than the traditional casserole


Impossible to cook without a saucepan.
Three large pans, one medium and one small can help to get by. The idea is to have five. Whatever the material they are made, they must be adapted to the type of cooker and hob (gas, electricity or induction).


The casserole with lid allows simmering and slow cooking: it is particularly suitable for dishes in sauce. Prefer a cast-iron casserole and large enough to put a poultry.


Like pans, knives are part of the basic material. It is necessary to have good ones, to sharpen regularly: one or two genuine knives (pointed knife), a cutting knife, a small pointed knife with finely toothed blade, a vegetable peeler or economical.

Wooden Spoon

No kitchen without a wooden spoon! Very useful for working the preparations and not damaging the bottoms of pans or pans.


The large flat spoon full of small holes, the skimmer allows to skim short-broths or to recover food floating in their cooking liquid (poached eggs for example).

Cooking pot

The pot has its utility, for cooking food in a large quantity of liquid (spaghetti for example).

Garbage Disposal

When you are done with your cooking you’ll need to dispose of all the food waste. A high-quality garbage disposal can really help out with this and make your life a lot easier.